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Backpacking Light Podcast

Apr 21, 2020

Note: This podcast was recorded in early February, 2020 - before Covid-19 social distancing measures went into place. 

In this episode of the Backpacking Light Podcast, Ryan and Andrew talk about load hauling - how to go as light as possible when the nature of your trip (packrafting, desert water carries, family backpacking, winter travel, etc.) requires specialized and (often) heavy gear. 

After catching up (Ryan is running some cool experiments) the guys talk gear: packs, footwear, and other considerations for when the pack weight starts to creep up. After that they move into a discussion of skills that can lighten up a trip, even when the equipment is heavy. 

Ryan updates the listeners on cool new stuff going on at BPL, and Andrew talks about his new favorite thing - a new pair of ultralight running shoes. 

The episode wraps with an interview of Kevin Timm, owner and founder of Seek Outside. In a wide-ranging discussion, Kevin and Andrew talk about: 

  • Seek Outside’s story and gear design aesthetic 
  • What Kevin values in a piece of gear 
  • Kevin’s advice to budding outdoorsy industry entrepreneurs
  • Lessons learned
  • The overlap between hunters and backpackers 
  • Conservation and public lands use 
  • And more!

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